About Special Animal Rescue Foundation

We provide special animal rescue service for animal protection organizations and private people by rescuing animals from extreme situations. Our main operational area is initially Hungary, but we plan to extend our activity to Central-Eastern Europe. With our special off-road vehicle designed for animal rescue we can reach places that would be hard to approach with normal car.
Our equipment:
Fleet: special off-road vehicle and our volunteers’ cars
  • Winch with a 20-meter cable with capacity of 2 tons
  • Towing hook, trailer coupling
  • Ladder, roof rack
  • Comfortably lined animal transport boxes
  • Toolkit
  • Rescue Equipment
  • First aid kit
  • Wildlife Cameras
  • Live traps
  • Endoscope camera
  • Drone
What we do
  • Animal rescue and protection
  • Special animal rescue
  • Animal transportation
  • Housing dogs - looking for donations to buy kennels
  • Building foster community
  • Veterinary care and rehabilitation
  • Communicating the story of our rescued animals with quality pictures and videos
  • Animal profiling
  • Finding the best forever homes
  • Adopting in Hungary and abroad
Our plans:
  • To improve our special animal rescue fleet and equipment
  • Increase our animal supporting community
  • Building a high-comfort animal shelter
You can support our activity by supporting us with
  • Dog and cat food
  • Promoting our adoptable animals abroad
  • Donating funds
  • Sending new or used products which are on our wish-list
Our wish-list:
  • Thermal Camera Drone for searching lost animals
  • Military Tent for mobile HQ
  • Dog kennels
  • Fire-proof, heat resistant clothing
  • Inflatable boat
  • Off-road search lights for Ford Ranger
  • Generator
  • Chip readers
  • Dog stretcher
  • Live trap
  • Bite-resistant gloves